Explore and print GATTEX® patient resources including how GATTEX may work and tips on talking to a doctor.

GATTEX® (teduglutide [rDNA origin]) for Injection is a prescription medicine used in adults with Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) who need additional nutrition or fluids from intravenous (IV) feeding (parenteral support).


“I continue to work with my doctors. They are closely monitoring all my electrolytes and minerals, and carefully balancing my oral supplements.”

Peggy is a real patient taking GATTEX.

Explore helpful information about taking GATTEX®

If you and your doctor have decided GATTEX is an option for you, your doctor will help you understand how it fits into your Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) management plan. The more you know about GATTEX and the resources available to you, the more prepared you can feel throughout your journey. Browse through the material below to start learning. You can even print them out and share them with your loved ones and healthcare team.

  • Learn More About GATTEX

    This guide provides an overview on topics ranging from how GATTEX works to talking with your doctor, building a support network and more.

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  • Getting Started with GATTEX

    After your doctor prescribes you GATTEX, you'll have access to a dedicated Patient Support Manager and Onboarding and Access Specialist through OnePath. Your OnePath team will work with you one-on-one and can help with navigating your insurance, getting your prescription delivered, arranging injection training from a nurse and more. Learn more in this helpful guide.

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  • OnePath® Start Form

    To enroll in OnePath, you and your doctor will first need to fill out a OnePath Start Form. Your doctor's office will then submit the completed form to OnePath. Additional forms may be required.

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  • GATTEX Patient Tracker

    Use the GATTEX Patient Tracker to help you keep track of your personal health information and support better conversation with your doctor. To review the Patient Tracker, click "Download Now" below. If you are a current GATTEX patient enrolled in OnePath, you can also request a printed booklet. Just contact your Onboarding and Access Specialist or Patient Support Manager and ask to have one mailed to your home.

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    Here's an abbreviated version of the tracker (recommended for printing). Download and print your worksheets to track your health status here.

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Important Safety Information: GATTEX may cause serious side effects including making abnormal cells grow faster, polyps in the colon (large intestine), blockage of the bowel (intestines), swelling (inflammation) or blockage of your gallbladder or pancreas, and fluid overload.
Click here for additional Important Safety Information.