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GATTEX Patient Stories

Learn about how some people were able to achieve less time on parenteral support (PS) with GATTEX (teduglutide).

Kat, a GATTEX patient

Kat’s story is about reducing PS volume

With the help of GATTEX, my doctor was able to cut my weekly PS. I’m now infusing fewer liters of PS a week.

-Kat, Gattex patient


GATTEX reduced the weekly volume of PS.

Jodi, caring for a GATTEX patient

Jodi's story is about achieving time off PS

Less days of PS means a kid who gets up to stay up late with his friends and just enjoy being a kid.

-Jodi, caring for a Gattex patient


People treated with GATTEX achieved more time off of PS.

Betsy, a GATTEX Patient

Betsy’s story is about achieving freedom from PS

Over time with GATTEX, my doctors started slowly reducing my PS. A year later, my PS had been stopped altogether.

-Betsy, Gattex patient


Over time, some people achieved complete freedom from PS with GATTEX.

In a 6-month study, 27 out of 43 adults treated with GATTEX reduced weekly PS volume by 20% or more vs 13 out of 43 on placebo, and 21 out of 39 achieved at least 1 day off PS per week vs 9 out of 39 on placebo. After 30 months of treatment, 10 out of 30 adults no longer needed PS. In a 6-month study, 18 out of 26 children treated with GATTEX reduced weekly PS volume by 20% or more, 10 out of 26 achieved a reduction of at least 1 day off PS per week, and 3 out of 26 no longer needed PS.

Meet Misa

Dog lover, real GATTEX patient, and so much more than her SBS

Watch as she shares her experience with GATTEX, a short bowel syndrome (SBS) treatment recommended by her healthcare team.

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OnePath provides a range of product support services throughout your GATTEX treatment journey. From the moment you enroll in OnePath, your dedicated Patient Support Manager will work with you one-on-one to help you access your prescribed Takeda treatment.

OnePath helps you:

Navigate the health insurance

Enroll in the OnePath Co-Pay
Assistance Program, if eligible, or discuss financial assistance options

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Receive no-cost injection training
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Onboarding & Access Specialist (OAS)

Your Onboarding & Access Specialist (OAS) will be one of the primary support persons to help you get started on your prescribed Takeda treatment. Once you're enrolled in OnePath, your OAS will arrange a time to meet with you in person. Your OAS will be an important resource who can:

  • Provide reimbursement education to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare options
  • Help you learn about alternative insurance options
  • Educate your doctor’s office about billing, reimbursement and access to your treatment
  • Work as a liaison between you, your doctor and OnePath for reimbursement and access-related matters
  • Deliver education and resources
  • Help ensure your first months on therapy are smooth

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Patient Support Manager (PSM)

After you enroll in OnePath, you will be assigned a dedicated Patient Support Manager who will be your main point of contact throughout your treatment journey. Your Patient Support Manager will work with you one-on-one to make sure you have access to your prescribed Takeda medication. He or she will help you navigate many different aspects of your therapy, from insurance and financial options to prescription fulfillment.

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